Everyday should be Pi day

Sjoblom Blueberry Best Pie

Sjoblom Blueberry Best Pie

Since when did Pi day become such a big deal?  We know –ever since Petsy’s Pie over in Sommerville started this great contest:

Making preparations for π day!

Posted on March 6, 2013 by petsipies

Put your thinking caps on!  3.14 @ 1:59 we will start the pi, pie prizes at our Beacon Street location. If you can recite 10 digits of pi we’ll reward you with a cutie pie and a pi sticker. If you know 100 digits the prize is a gift certificate for a large pie, if you are a master of pi and can recite 314 digits, you’ll win our grand pie prize of a pie per season gift certificate!

We would like to take a moment now and appreciate our elementary school teachers for making us memorize the first ten digits of pi, which is etched in out memories forever.  3.141592654.  This is an example of how math is implemented in real life.  Memorize the pi in exchange for a pie.

If you need an extra recipe on top of all the tweets and blog posts for great pies that took place today, take a look at our blueberry pie.  We think you’ll like it.

Happy Pi Day!  and FYI, tomorrow is World Contact Day…Happy Weekend!

Homemade Beet Ravioli

Homemade Beet Ravioli

One day left until the big holiday and I’ve eaten three turkeys already.  The fourth turkey is coming tonight at our friend’s pre-Thanksgiving party (as a side note Anne is bringing her family dish that is supposedly amazing; recipe soon … Continue reading

DIY Photo Board Summer Wrap Up

DIY Photo Board Summer Wrap Up

To wrap up the summer we made a collage of photos from the past couple of months and made an economically affordable modge podge board!  All you need to buy are the materials from below and it should save you … Continue reading

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

If you haven’t heard the BIG news already,
WGTB was featured on
Culture: the word on cheese.
It was a big deal
(for us).
Haven’t heard of it?
Take a look!  It’s great
if you like cheese…
And who doesn’t?

We’ve got some fun projects coming up so stay tuned.
Have a great weekend!

Little Paris Kitchen with Rachel Khoo

Little Paris Kitchen with Rachel Khoo

It’s time for the Food Network channel to make a slot for the adorable Rachel Khoo, an English-born chef that cooks and bakes from her small Parisian kitchen.  Rachel adds her own little touch to the traditional French recipes, and … Continue reading