DIY Photo Board Summer Wrap Up

To wrap up the summer we made a collage of photos from the past couple of months and made an economically affordable modge podge board!  All you need to buy are the materials from below and it should save you a bucket load than a picture frame.  We’ve recently been hearing a lot of people finding creative outlets and we thought this  might be a fun little project especially because we know most of you out there have instagram, and taking lots of food photos that would look nice to display in your kitchen.

1.  You can buy Modge Podge, paint brush, and black foam board from a craft store.  We used matte but glossy would look nice, too.  Also, you might be able to find the foam board at Staples or any store that carries office supplies.
2.  Print your photos and make an outline where you want to glue your photos.
3.  Once photos are placed on board, glue them with modge podge, and then cover entire board with 2 layers of modge podge.
4.  Let it dry overnight and you’re done!


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