Soup Soup Soup Soup with Yvette van Boven!

This weekend was such a treat
and it wasn’t because I stuffed my face with cookies.
I took a cooking class with the one and only
Yvette Van Boven.
If that’s your reaction then:
a) You’re American (most likely)
b) You need to spend time away from the Food Network Channel
c) We recommend you to thoroughly read this blog post so you understand how wonderful she is.
To be fair, she’s making her first U.S. appearance this year to share her new book,
Homemade Winter.
She is a Writer, Illustrator, Food Stylist, Culinary Editor, and Co-Owner of Aan De Amstel.
She was also featured in Design Sponge and
Martha Stewart Radio,
and we all know that’s a big deal.

Yvette spent part of her life growing up in Ireland,
but now splits her time between
this country:
And this country:
I’m already feeling dreamy, too.
Her new book is a collection of recipes, images, and drawings from all these places,
and she heavily focuses on Irish recipes for this volume.
Sometimes she draws the recipes instead of writing them out and
I love that
sometimes images make more sense than words.
Don’t you think?
Her husband, Oof Verschuren, is also the photographer, and he adds landscape photos (and dog photos) to exude a certain spirit and mood.
Every page is a surprise and I’m such a happy owner!
I have even been stopped by two strangers on the subway asking me what I was reading.
One thought I was a chef

I was flattered and contemplated if I should carry this book everywhere with me.
So I was thrilled to hear that Yvette was making an appearance to this country:

To share all the fun and love with U.S.,
and make
Soup Soup Soup Soup!

The class was held at Haven’s Kitchen,
where people can learn about, prepare, and share delicious food that sustains people, the environment, and local economy.
It’s only two blocks away from Union Square Market and the staff here are so friendly and helpful I think we all wanted to take them home by the end of the night.
The ingredients were already laid out for us,
and Yvette and Oof even made some lovely hor d’oeuvres for our hungry stomachs.

Yvette selected recipes from her old book, and a couple from her new.
I think she was aware that our cooking skills were not up to her’s,
but she kindly and patiently taught us some techniques.
I wish I made a video of her chopping the parsley;
so incredibly fast and precise!
One key ingredient that I will use from now on in soup is:
tomato paste.
One lesson I will take home with me:
find an unusual vegetable and transform it into something tasty and gourmet and people will love it.
Make something different.
Try something new.
Keep it simple.
You only live once-don’t count the calories.

All the soups are delicious and there are different reasons for choosing to make some over the others,
but I was really pleased with the Butternut Squash soup.
I feel like this is a popular dish,
and I’ve always wanted to add a twist to this traditional winter soup
but never knew how.
Yvette has the perfect answer!
And she worked very hard to get the blender working for us so we could get a shot of this delight.
And here are the soups we made!
Drooling now aren’t you?
It was a really fun night filled with good company and great conversations.
This book is truly unique, beautiful, and filled with great dishes for the winter
I hope you get a chance to check it out 🙂


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