Pestos with Panache

Pesto with Panache caught our attention when we were wandering around Sowa Market partially because we had JUST made some homemade pesto,  but mainly because it all looked so delicious and we just had to taste it all.  Lauren (the master chef) had created six unique pesto flavors with the concept that pesto had been liberated and used in cooking besides pasta.  If you take a look at her site she has suggestions on how to spread her flavors with chicken, fish, salads, and other great ideas.  Our favorite was the Prosciutto and Smoked Almond because it would be perfect with some cheese and crackers for a nice afternoon snack.
She even had fruity pesto!  How amazing!  For those who don’t like sweets, no need to worry.  The strawberry and blueberry added a hint of fruitiness and still kept that fresh green flavor.  She also thinks of memorable titles for some of these products which we find entertaining.

We love basil.
(If you didn’t get the note)

Spotted some food items we couldn’t neglect.
This lotus root necklace can be found at Freebird.
Her pieces are simple, delicate, and beautiful.

Paperdoll sells coasters of all sorts but this strawberry one stood out.

You can also pick up some funky glasses in the vintage warehouse at Sowa Market.
They look brilliant!

What is everyone up to this weekend?
Heading to any good markets?
Making a new type of pesto?
Let us know if you do and we would be more than happy to share it.
Hope it’s great!


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