Salad in a Pouch-Vietnamese Spring Rolls and Peanut Sauce

For those salad haters (or lovers) out there, Vietnamese Spring Rolls has come to the rescue. This is basically a salad in a pouch-finger food on the go.  There are no standard ingredients for these rolls, and they can be made with fresh vegetables that are available.  As long as you have lots of cilantro and oodles of rice noodles, the rest is up to you.  You can replace the shrimp with pork, chicken, or tofu, and make a platter that would please all of your friends.  So much fun to make and you’ll look like a pro, when it only involves chopping vegetables and measures how well you can roll rice paper.  When the rice paper is not cooperating it can actually get quite challenging, and the spring rolls in the picture above are not as pretty as the ones you will find in Chinatown, but still just as tasty.

There’s been a lot of hype around Vietnamese cuisine in general, so we wanted to break out one of our favorite Vietnamese foods with you.  Vietnam is a beautiful country with a lot of fascinating cuisine.  One vivid memory was when ordering a Bahn Mi there was still fuzzy hair left on the pork.  Good example when salad in a pouch came to the rescue!

We can’t really give you measurements here but use your best judgement when cutting up the veggies.

Mix sesame oil, soy sauce, salt and pepper with the rice noodles until there is enough flavor.Boil some water and pour some into a large dish. Soak the rice paper for several seconds until soft.
Everyone has their own method of wrapping rice paper.
We find it the best to fold the right side, then roll the bottom up, and then the left.
The rice paper is really delicate so make sure you don’t overfill,
like in photo #3.
But it still rolled!

Ingredients to the Peanut Sauce!
See, Sriracha Sauce is everywhere.
Even in Gazpacho.
If you want other fun ideas cooking with Sriracha Sauce, Bon Apetit has 25 creative recipes you should check out.

In Vietnam I was:
An anarchist-No
Beat up by the police-No


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