Who wants a Lemon Meringue Mint Tart!!!!!-Tatte Cookies and Cakes

We’re probably the last bloggers to mention Tatte Cookies and Cakes, and we’re okay with that.  It’s exciting to find the incognito restaurant and watch it become prominent months later -but this really isn’t the situation here.  Tatte has already made it to NYC and even better, has been mentioned in Oprah’s magazine.  Like most success stories, this bakery didn’t happen magically overnight.  Tatte began in a kitchen with a passionate baker that slept only four hours a night to perfect her dough and chop up fridge-full of nuts to sell at markets .  Eventually her persistence paid off and her exquisite taste and vision came alive in the heart of Boston and now, beyond.

I’m willing to drive 3 hours for a bite of tasty baked goods (believe it or not I’ve done this before), but I can’t make the trip to the bakery down the street.  Does that ever happen to you?  The closer and more convenient the store is located, the less appeal it has.  I don’t want to admit it, but it could also be a severe case of hometown laziness.  I’ve walked by Tatte countless amounts of times, and even stepped in a handful, but have dubiously walked away leaning on that next time.   Well, this next time happened five years later, and I’m vowing to never do the next time thing again.  I bought their Lemon Meringue Mint Tart (which is not on their online menu so I guess we are the first to discover it, ha!) and if you get an allergic reaction to lemons, take ten steps back because this little tart is powerful.  Every bite bursts with lemon zing mixed with bits of mint, and you will initially make that unpleasant scrunched face just like when you eat sour patch kids-the yellow ones.  The top is layered with sweet meringue, which balances out the flavors like ying and yang; if it’s too tart, eat a piece of the yang, if it’s too sweet, eat a piece of the ying.  If you want to avoid all confusion, just take one mammoth bite.  Then, little-by-little this tart starts vanishing until you’re left with nothing but crumbs and have decided to turn that train ride into a jog home.  I’ll end quote this post with Oprah’s legendary scream, “And you get a Lemon Meringue Mint Tart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Some fun shots from Copley Farmers’ Market.

Tomatoes and Ground Cherries!

Have a great week!



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