herban table

Yes, it’s spelled with a H not a U.  The broad definition of a Foodie is someone who enjoys writing about food, talking about food, and what we like to do best, eating and making something appear on the table.  Julie and Diana are two friends who have decided to take their hobby and passion and turn it into something bigger: herban table.  ht is a catering company based out of Boston – Providence, and they offer in-home catering, in-home cooking lessons, and gourmet gift baskets.

Couple of weeks ago ht were serving their delicious pork sliders at the Ted Rubin Memorial Golf Tournament.  There were over 200 attendees and they raised over $200,000 for Leukemia Research at Dana Farber.  ht were serving at the seventh hole and there were a lot of “mmmMMmMms” to be heard.

Born and raised in Boston, two blossoming chefs who seek to impart their love of all things food to fellow indulgers.  Julie and Diana are really fun to work with and have endless ideas for dishes!

It took 10 hours to make this (you could fly to Iceland and back in that amount of time)!  Just enough spice to get that tingling feeling but not overbearing so you will crave for more.  Do you think spicy food can turn into an addiction?

Perfect on your palate to cool down your body.  It’s also vegetarian friendly which is a plus!


Grab some brown butter chocolate chip cookies for dessert!

Click here to find out more about herban table!


3 thoughts on “herban table

  1. mmmMMmMms is an understatement! “WOW” was more like it! The pulled pork sliders were so yummy that everyone who played in the tournament, STOPPED to chow down on the 7th tee, causing a backup, 2nd only to a Friday at the Sagamore Bridge in the summer. Not only was the food outstanding, Diana and Julie have “it”….and are easy on the eyes…if you catch my drift.

  2. I recently attend a party for 30 people catered by Herban Table . We feasted on spare ribs, pulled pork, a traditional Greek salad (no lettuce), mac and cheese and corn bread. Every item was truly delicious. I will use them for my next party.
    J. Fortier

  3. I had herban table cater a birthday party yesterday at my house with 75people. They did an outstanding job! The food was excellent! Everyone was raving about it, and asking where i got it! I will definately use them again and spread the word about how great they are! Thanks again ht!!:)

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