Snackventure has been MIA.
We apologize.
But we have a special treat for you today.  We cooked and ate dinner at
Taranta is a Peruvian/Italian restaurant in the North End.  Taranta has amazing labor policies and they keep sustainable seafood.  They have QR codes so guests can find out from who, where, and what time the fish are delivered.  Pretty neat (not so neat if you don’t have a smart phone).  One of their signature dishes is the ceviche (picture above).  It is a popular seafood dish in Central and South America, and typically it is made up of raw fish, citrus juices, and seasonings.  We mixed raw squid, swordfish, lime, lemon, onion, salt, and some chili paste.  The office that I work at had its 25th anniversary so I was invited for this celebration.  My plus one date was

If you have the mold and a recipe for the filling, making homemade ravioli is easy as pie.

Pasta for the vegetarians.

Almost ready to be boiled.



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