Spicy Almond Butter Noodles

This dish is a take on the traditional Thai peanut noodle, but since I was out of peanut butter I decided to give almond butter a go – and it worked wonderfully. I found the almond butter to be better because it didn’t overpower the other flavors as much as peanut butter does. This dish will take you 30 minutes flat (seriously, I timed it) and is perfect warm or cold. It also keeps really well, I like to make a large batch of it so I have lunch for the week.

*feel free to mix and match, with veggies, protein, and nut butters of your choice. I wonder how it would be with cashew butter?*

1 carton mushrooms, sliced
4 carrots, chopped
1 red onion, chopped
3 cloves of garlic
1 cup chopped broccoli
1 bunch Kale
cooking oil
 Buckwheat Udon noodles
2 tablespoons almond butter (or to taste)
1 table spoon soy sauce
A healthy squirt of Siracha sauce (or many squirts if you are like me…)
1 tablespoon sweet chili sauce

(1.) Saute all the vegetables (with the exception of Kale) in a large pan until they are soft and ready to eat. Once you are done, bring the temperature to low.

(2.) In a separate pot, cook the buckwheat udon in boiling water. Keep an eye on it, it should only take 4-7 minutes to cook.

(3.) Once the noodles are ready, add them to the pan with the vegetables and mix together over low-medium heat. Then slow stir in the almond butter, soy sauce, siracha sauce and sweet chili sauce. Then taste the dish, what is it missing? I always find myself adding more soy or siracha, but you may want a sweeter flavor, so add more sweet chili sauce or the almond butter.

(4.) Once you have perfected the flavor, add in the raw kale, and let it cook in the warm noodles.
(5.) Serve and enjoy!


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