Friday Namaste

We couldn’t make it to yoga class this week so we are going to meditate
With you.
Besides the physicality, yoga class teaches you to:
take deep breadths,
live in the present,
put your feet up against the wall for five minutes
in the office.
Point being, it’s important to take a break from this crazy world from time to time.  Yoga is a great way to align yourself, but this “moment” can be found elsewhere and anyplace you want it to be.
Find an activity that lets you focus and forget about your busy life and all the work you have piled up.
Have some afternoon tea
Try cooking!
From this blog…
Just an idea.
For those who don’t know much about blogging, a lot of times bloggers dedicate inspirational quotes weekly.  Sometimes they can be
But for the most part, they are thought provoking and they can help stir up feelings to

And while we are in this state of mind we would like to thank all of our readers for taking the time to visit
We Got the Beets.
Happy Friday!

(Barcelona, Spain)

(Istanbul, Turkey)

(Bangkok, Thailand)
(Barcelona, Spain)

(Paris, France)


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