Vichyssoise-French Potato Leek Soup

After watching all 6 episodes of Rachel Khoo, and our Butternut Squash, Apple and Leek soup getting much attention from our lovely readers, I searched for a French-summer soup that would settle all grounds.  Vichyssoise is a chilled-thick soup made of leeks, onions, potatoes, cream, and chicken stock.  To this day there is dispute over the origin of the recipe; some believe it’s French while others believe the soup was born at the Ritz-Carlton in NYC.  The next dispute; who invented sushi?

The recipe I use is dairy free for our lactose intolerant friends, and I threw in spinach to add some rich source of iron.  This is definitely a healthier version of Vichyssoise, and as delicious as it turned out, someday I’m planning on going full-out and using creme fraiche for the traditional Frenican flavor.

Yield: 4 people
*Adapted from Jacqueline Church*

3 Yukon Gold potatoes
1 carton of low sodium chicken broth (can substitute with water)
1 leek
1 head of spinach

1.  Peel, cube, and boil potatoes in chicken broth or water.
2.  Cut off the dark green section of the leek, rinse the white section, and slice it up (Click here if you want to watch a demonstration).
3.  Stick a fork into a potato, and if it seems soft, use a stick blender to puree.
4.  Add the spinach and salt.
5.  Top with some croutons.

 It looks like the king of spring onions, doesn’t it?


M.Ward is on tour with a new album, but this is still one of my favorites.

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