Summer Vegetable Pasta with Mustard Dressing


Boston had a busy day hitting its highest temperature of 2012 – 84 ºF in conjunction with the 150th annual Boston Marathon.  Marathon Monday is an exciting time of year when elite athletes from around the world compete in this historical race.  Growing up in Boston we would always cheer and watch these runners sweat and put their hard work of training into this city.  One year we spotted Will Farrell so we chased him down Beacon Street, but without a wave or smile, he quickly sprinted away to safely make it across the finish line without being run over by kids.  This marathon is serious!

So what should one make for this day?  Enough carbs to last 26.2 miles!  So here is a pasta dish-healthy and most importantly, served cold to cool your body temperature on a warm day like today.

Yield:  2 people

180 grams of Spaghetti
8 cups of water
1/2 tbs vegetable oil
1/2 tbs salt

1 medium size or 200 grams eggplant
1/2 large tomato
1 stick of celery
2 pieces of lettuce
1/2 avocado 

Mustard Sauce
1 tbs stone ground mustard
1/2 tsp of salt and pepper
1 tbs sake
1 tbs soy sauce
2 tbs vegetable oil

 1.  Boil water.  Once the water starts bubbling, put in oil and salt.  You can use any type of pasta-we chose penne!  Once the pasta is ready, drain it, and run it under cold water.  Put the pasta aside and make sure there is no excess water because otherwise the pasta will start sticking.

2.  Grill the raw eggplant until the skin is toasted.

 3.  Cut the vegetables into bite size.  You can use any vegetable that is left in your fridge as well.

4.  Make the Mustard Dressing by mixing all the ingredients listed above in order.  Then pour in the vegetables and mix well.  Finally, add the pasta and you’re all done!

We heart Summer.


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