D-Bros’ Sticky Apple

We all know about the three apples that have changed our world:  Adam and Eve’s forbidden apple, Newton’s fallen apple, and  Steve Job’s bitten apple.

The apple that’s changed my world:  D-bros’ sticky apple.

Growing up I was fortunate enough to frequently travel to Japan, and by the end of my childhood I  ended up with copious amounts of pens and erasers that I’ve collected from shops in high-end Ginza, Tokyo, to the samurai roads in the backwoods of my grandma’s house. You could have asked any 10 year-old American what they thought about my dorky pencil-case and assortment of pens…cool!  Yup, I was the pen lady and super protective of my kids. Fifteen years later, it seems like the stationary trend has finally caught on and they are no longer just used for work or for studying, but an enjoyable way to express themselves.  The Japanese had this concept for centuries beginning with origami, when they would transform bright colorful squares into almost anything you could imagine!

Kudamono in Japanese translates to “fruit.”  D-bros design has taken sticky pads to another level called the Kuda Memo.  They are sticky pads shaped in fruit anatomy.  Take note how each fruit is individually packaged and boxed-just like how they are found in Japanese supermarkets. So fancy!

Kuda Memo


*Other Fun Stationary*


(Source: Designphils)

Washi Tape

(Source: My collection!)

What’s Washi Tape?  Check out our Rice Ball post to see how they can be used.

Deng on

Start your morning with these animal notes on your desk.

(Source:  Hi-Momoji)

Print. Is. Back.


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