Rice Balls

Happy Birthday Anne!!!   It was hard coming up with the perfect dish for your big birthday, but I decided to go with rice balls!  I know how much you love the plain flavor, so for your dinner party tonight I’m making you nostalgic for the time when we traveled around Japan together…plain, tuna, and to keep the tradition going, a surprise ball filled with wasabi.
Yield:  14 Rice Balls

3 cups brown or white rice (short grain)
1 can of tuna
1 tsp lemon juice
1/2 stick celery
1/8 red raw onion
2 tsp salt
1/2 cup water
Wasabi (optional)

1.  Chop celery and red onion into small pieces and mix with tuna.  Squeeze mayonnaise to your liking and add lemon juice.

2.  You can either either use saran wrap or your bare hands to form triangular shape.
Saran Wrap:  Place pinch of salt on SW, dip hand in water, and grab rice.
Bare Hands:  Dip hands in water, rub pinch of salt, and grab rice

3.  SW:  Put some rice down on the saran wrap and make a small indent for the tuna.
BH:  Put some rice on your hand and make a small indent for the tuna.

4.  Cover the tuna with a little bit of rice and it’s time to mold!

5.  If you are holding the rice in your left hand, use your index and middle finger of your right hand to mold the rice into a triangle, with the left hand’s support.  If the rice is sticking everywhere, dip your hands in more water and salt to use as glue.

5.  There you have it, your surprise balls!

More Photos from the Night

Our lovely assortment of food.

Happy Birthday Anne!
You got the beets!


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